By MJ Scott

I am unapologetically a masculine American Christian. I’m a lover of the Declaration of Independence, a friend of the Constitution, and a rock-solid believer in the Bible as the Sword of the Spirit. I believe in freedom and the rights of men. I bow the knee to no man and have no sovereign but God. My faith is aggressive, a little hairy and a bit of a brute—like the preacher John Knox evangelizing Scotland with a Bible in one hand and a broadsword in the other. I’m more interested in being truthful with a bias toward action than I am in being nice—but that doesn’t mean I’m unkind.

As a novelist, I write fiction that wrestles with these themes—that doesn’t shy away from hard questions or dicey situations. I treat my characters like real people with real flaws who sometimes do wrong and stupid things—especially when they’re trying to do the right thing. If you have a problem with an occasional swear word, violence, or an implied sexual situation, then I am probably not the writer for you.

I write stuff that interests me—whether it’s the erosion of the American family, socio-political unrest in the U.S. that threatens to break into civil war, UFO’s, adventures in Biblical and Christian archaeology, dystopias, sword and sorcery fantasy, or getting inside the mind of a serial killer—and if that’s the kind of stuff you like, then I might be your next author.

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      A Glass Half-Empty   


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   Anarchy Cover   Cover   New Cover



  1. Dad says:

    Ok! Here we are/

  2. Dad says:

    Just finished Topheth. Well done! Your skills have improved vastly since Coppersmith. I had to remind myself who the author is several times. I only found 3 typos. In one case “chard” appeared instead of “charred” and a couple of times “woe” showed up instead of “woo”. I’ll get a review out soon. I’m kinda busy today.

  3. Dad says:

    I noticed on your likes that you don’t have shooting listed. Come down here and I’ll take you (all) out to the range and we’ll pass a good time.