NaNoWriMo Days 19-25

19-Nov 1123
20-Nov 0
21-Nov 0
22-Nov 3988
23-Nov 3430
24-Nov 1768
25-Nov 1078

I’ve got 32,083 words finished as of 11/25 (11/26 numbers are still being generated, but they’re in excess of 3,100 at this moment.) I still need to come up with another 15K words or so before Friday. I think I’ll make the threshold just in time.

So far, Topheth has passed the 70K mark, and is rapidly careening toward an end (looks like it’ll wind up somewhere in the 80K range); and The Tree of Liberty has pushed past 62K, and is still climbing. I’m not sure how many words it’ll have. There’s a few hiccups in the plot line I didn’t see coming, which might lengthen the story–I hope, not unnecessarily.

I believe I’ve hit and pushed through the wall, and now only sheer, dogged determination is going to get me across the finish line.

But if I get through this, and then can still wrap up In the Widening Gyre by the end of December (barring any unforeseen-by-any-except-the-Mayan-end-of-the-world events), then I will have successfully completed no less than six different novels this year (Spilled Milk, Eye of Darkness, The Elixir of Life, Topheth, The Tree of Liberty, and In the Widening Gyre). Not too shabby at all!

Next year will be the year of sequels! I hope to write a stand alone for NaNoWrimo 2013, though. I have a number of candidates in mind.

And the series just don’t end. Just the other day I came up with a concept for a space opera based on the political intrigues surrounding a future Silk Road (that’s what happens when I spend too much time watching the History Channel), in which contact with earth has been lost, and the far-flung colonies believe that humans on earth have been wiped out. It’s got a lot of grit, with something resembling a Firefly feel (though without the whole controlling planets and failed revolution type thing). It’ll be less cowboy, too.

Of course, God only knows when I’ll get around to writing it. But this is precisely why I’m aiming to churn out multiple books per year. I’ll never get anything fun written if I don’t ramp up my pace. God willing, at some point in the near future, I’ll be able to do this full time. Then we’ll see what can happen.

All right. Enough rambling. I gotta get my “B” back “IC”. Later!

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Days 19-25

  1. Let’s see…six months, twelve months. That’s about one book per two months. If you average novel nears 100000, that means you write less that 50000 words a month. If your novel got to 100000 words average, nano wouldn’t be so hard at all, at least when your NOT distracted.
    Space opera? Oooh! If it’s gonna be like that Firefly show (who’d name a show after an insect anyway?), so… is it driven out of your rage that the show was cancelled? Or it just wandered into your head.
    I suppose when you get around to writing it, people will be in a sci-fi hype (the next Star Wars is coming out, if Obama hasn’t crashed America by then), so it might help with the marketing a bit.

    • Well, my average novel is around 80K, so your calculations are a little off. NaNo will be hard no matter what, frankly. So is maintaining a pace of 50K per month. Although Stephen King does recommend writing 2K per day. Then again, his kids are grown, his wife has hobbies of her own, and he has no other job. Or weekend ministry (could you imagine him teaching a Sunday School class?).

      Firefly wasn’t named after the insect. The show was named after a class of ship that looked like the insect.

      We’ll see whether or not I can get around to writing it in the next few years. The idea is compelling, but pretty much, so are all the others I’ve come up with that I can’t get to.

      At least I’m not hurting for material. Those days are long gone.

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