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Hey! Any word on when Jefferson’s Road will be wrapped up? I can’t wait much longer. 14. December 2017

Hehe, I actually came on here today to give an update to that very thing. I’ll let you read the post. 🙂

Amazon reviewer of Nicholas: One question- instead of ending with the salvation question, I would have liked to have had Nicholas ask the reporter to attend a Midnight Mass with him in NYC, and as they were walking away, the reporter asks, “So, if you’ve been here before… About ‘Miracle on 34th Street’- did Maureen O’Hara ever meet you?’ 🙂 14. December 2017

Yeah, that might’ve been a good ending, too. I would have liked to have worked it in, actually. Oh well!


I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the book. Your comments are very encouraging. God bless!

Hey Michael, this Mike Lynch from Ellechor Publishing. It has been a while since I have received a royalty payment from Ellechor. Several months back I asked Rochelle about this. She said they were having some kind of problem that delayed payments. I e-mailed her again recently, asking her about this, but she has not responded. I was wondering if the same has happened to you. 19. October 2017

Hi Michael,

I haven’t received anything either. Something about the distributor going belly up. Very sad. I’m hoping at some point things will turn around.

Maybe digital is overcoming paper, but my ultimate fantasy is to see a huge hardbound of Jefferson’s Road (all together) like Unintended Conequences. A keeper! 22. August 2017

And you may just yet. Still gotta finish the last one, though!

Hi Michael, I have a question I’d like to ask you. Could you email me at: Thank you so much for your time. TD Berner 13. February 2017

Email sent. 🙂

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