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Hey Michael, this Mike Lynch from Ellechor Publishing. It has been a while since I have received a royalty payment from Ellechor. Several months back I asked Rochelle about this. She said they were having some kind of problem that delayed payments. I e-mailed her again recently, asking her about this, but she has not responded. I was wondering if the same has happened to you. 19. October 2017

Hi Michael,

I haven’t received anything either. Something about the distributor going belly up. Very sad. I’m hoping at some point things will turn around.

Maybe digital is overcoming paper, but my ultimate fantasy is to see a huge hardbound of Jefferson’s Road (all together) like Unintended Conequences. A keeper! 22. August 2017

And you may just yet. Still gotta finish the last one, though!

Hi Michael, I have a question I’d like to ask you. Could you email me at: Thank you so much for your time. TD Berner 13. February 2017

Email sent. 🙂

Hi Michael, I saw “The Spirit of Resistance (Jefferson’s Road Book 1)” at Free Discounted Books and I was wondering if it’s available in libraries? If not, did you know that you could make it available via LibraryBub? We connect authors with 10,000 libraries and we’re currently running a giveaway where you can win a free feature in our weekly newsletter. Go here to sign up and we’ll do the rest 🙂 Have a great day of writing and promoting! Kristine 9. January 2017

Oops, looks like I might’ve missed the boat on this one. But thanks for thinking of me!

Hi Michael, My name’s Lisa and I’m emailing from I hope you don’t mind me reaching out, but I wanted to say that I saw your book featured in the Digital Book Today newsletter and I think it would be well received by our readers. We were wondering if you’d like to be featured in our newsletter? We send out our daily newsletter to over 130,000 subscribers, and if you’re able to book something shortly, we could offer you a feature for just $19 (instead of the usual $25). If you’re interested, please fill out our discount submission form: I’ve included a little information about us below, but If you do have any questions about ManyBooks or being featured in our newsletter, please don’t hesitate to ask. About ManyBooks ManyBooks has a long history of publishing quality independent works. Since the launch of the ManyBooks newsletter last year, we’ve been able to help authors promote their books to a rapidly growing list of over 130,000 active subscribers. How Many Downloads can you Expect? For a free book, you can expect to achieve approximately 500 downloads across all major retailers. That’s just $0.04 per download. For discounted books, the performance of the book will vary depending on the discount. Generally, a lower priced book will perform better. For more information visit: I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Lisa Clifford, ManyBooks. Facebook: Twitter: @manybooks 9. January 2017

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep that in mind when I do my next promo. Cheers!

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