Ask Me Anything!

I just finished reading the very good series featuring Nicholas Flamel, and found myself wanting more. I see Machiavelli and Bill are still alive, and I read 9. January 2017

Sorry! Wrong Michael Scott! You can find the Irish author Michael Scott here:

Hope this helps!

Would you say the book Nicholas is suitable for young teens? 9. January 2017

I would think so. There are a few scenes of action involving some violence, but nothing over the top or gory.  It’s a clean book.

Is there going to be a third Jonathan Munro book? 3. August 2016

Yes!  I’m currently working on The Music of the Spheres. This time, Jonathan Munro is whisked off to Ukraine, where he is quickly overwhelmed by an adventure involving the fall of the Romanov dynasty in Russia, the mystic Rasputin, and a recently discovered Fabergé egg…

Can’t say more without giving too much away – and the completed manuscript has to be accepted by my publisher first – but I think it’ll be pretty cool by the time it’s done. I hope to have the story wrapped up by the end of the year.

When are we meeting you and Wendy for Red Robin? 1. January 2016

Well, it won’t be this next week. We’re heading down to Texas to see the folks!  I’ll talk it over with her and we’ll pick a time.

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