Done and Getting There

So The Music of the Spheres is done, and I’ve been working steadily on We The People for about a week now. I’ve added almost 9k words in the last seven days, and will probably push past 10K with today’s writing, getting me a lot closer to the halfway mark. I’m on track to have We The People wrapped up by the end of February, if not sooner.

After that, I expect I’ll be completing The Blood Eater Coven in March, which has languished now for far too long, followed by Wizard Sky Pirates! in April and then Anarchy in May.

The summer will look a little different, as my pace will necessarily slow down due to the fact that the remaining batch of unfinished manuscripts have a lot less done on them. A Mid-Summer Night’s Fear, Puzzle, and Rock of Ages may require a month and a half to two month’s each, which will nearly close out the year. If not, I should be able to reconstruct Episode 2 of Elementals, and possibly get Episode 3 done as well (these were the stories I completely lost when my flash drive disappeared last March).

Well, that’s the plan, anyway. Still, 2018 is looking to be a very productive year for me. The last time I had a year this productive was 2013, when I released four titles. I’m confident this year will put everything else I’ve done beforehand to shame.

Today and tomorrow I’m enjoying a few days off from work, so it’s been nice to catch up and get some stuff cranked out. I hope also to have the print version of A More Perfect Union ready–just as soon as Createspace approves my cover, actually. So there’s that, too.

I’ve updated the word counts on the sidebar. Talk to you again soon.

UPDATE: Yup, wrote 1306 words today and cracked 10k words since the fifteenth. Feels great to be on target.

Almost Done

So I’m about one to two chapters away from finishing The Music of the Spheres. So glad to have this one (nearly) complete. I’m guessing one or two more days and it’ll be done. I’ll send an email out to those of you on my mailing list, inviting you to take a look at an Advance Reader Copy once I’ve gone through it a bit myself, first. There’s a few characters who haven’t said anything in awhile, and I don’t want them just to be window dressing for the main action, so I have to sidle up to them and listen to their thoughts and words for a bit. Nothing that’ll put me off finishing it, though.

Once I’m satisfied and have sent out copies to the ART (Advance Reader Team), I’ll make it available for pre-purchase on Amazon. Expect this no later than February, though it may be sooner, depending on how long it takes for the team to get back to me.

Hard to believe I started this novel wa-ay back in 2013! I did get stuck somewhere around the middle of it, where my preliminary outline broke down. In fact, if I hadn’t had the time during my trip to Guatemala last August to look at it again, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it at all. Sometimes, the ideas just take awhile to simmer.

I do anticipate at least two more Jonathan Munro Adventures in the future. I have no idea when I’ll get at them. I know many of you are waiting for the last mile of Jefferson’s Road, and I promise it’s next on the list. I do work on it periodically, but there’s nothing like finishing a book to keep me distracted. In all fairness, MOTS has been waiting a lot longer than We The People, so it’s only right that I wrap it up.

Besides, looking at the way so many have responded positively to Nicholas, I thought it might be wiser to make available another Christian adventure novel before all that Christmas goodwill evaporates like snow in Spring.

I’m continuing to make progress – though I confess I’ve spent the last two writing sessions working on The Music of the Spheres, the next Jonathan Munro Adventure. I’m listing its expected word count at 86k, but I wonder if it might reach 90k by the time I’m done. Can’t really say why I’m doing this one instead of the last Jefferson’s Road novel, except that it seems right for some reason.

I think part of it has to do with how well Nicholas has been doing. I’ve been using the Amazon Marketing System to advertise the book, and Nicholas has been doing really well in the lead up until Christmas. I’m on track to earn almost doubled what I did in November, which is promising.

Then again, Nicholas is a distinctly Christian and Christmas book. So will the revenue dry up after the Christmas season? I hope it doesn’t.

But if it does, what else can I do to reach out into the Christian market? This is probably what’s been driving me toward completing TMotS. It’ll give me something I can put out there for fans of the Adventures who might be looking for something a little less… gritty? Maybe just something that’s easier to read.

On the other hand, I’m keenly aware that I have a responsibility to everyone who’s been enjoying Jefferson’s Road and eagerly awaiting the final installment. Don’t worry. I’m still working on it.

Most importantly, I’m doing whatever I can to be sure I work hard at actually writing during my designated time. The more I do this, the more I’ll be able to produce and get something done. Tonight I wrote almost 1.2K words. I probably could have gone further, but it seemed like the right place to quit.

At any rate, I’ve added the potential book cover to the books page if you want to check it out. I might need to add a little more to it. I’m not sure I’ve really captured what the story is about just yet. It feels like there’s something missing in the image. Would welcome any feedback you have on it. You can compare it to the other two covers for the Adventures that are there. I do anticipate at least two more Adventures for Jon, so we’ll see how things go. I gotta be at work early tomorrow, however, so I’m gonna sign off for now.

When Will Jefferson’s Road Be Finished? Ever?!?

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and a little update is warranted.

But first, Merry Christmas, everyone!

Okay, on to the update. I have good news: I am actively writing the last mile of Jefferson’s Road; I know exactly what needs to happen between where I’m at and where the story needs to get to; and I have a tentative end date, based on how much content I’ve been able to generate with some consistency of late.

Mid February.

Yeah, I know. That’s not nearly as soon as we’d all hoped. In fact, it may move up, but I don’t want to pull a George R.R. Martin here (Ha! I should be so lucky!). I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver.

Okay, so what’s changed? What’s with the incredible delay and now back on track and everything?

In a nutshell–and granting that I already told everyone about my lost flash drive (boy, did that ever suck!), the primary reason that I haven’t been on track has everything to do with my recent job change. I’ve been promoted at work, and since that promotion, I’ve been up to my neck in trying to learn the new role with all its responsibilities, to the point where I come home from work rather stressed out and wanting nothing more than to sit my butt down in front of the TV and vege out for a while.

Well, I’m getting a handle on things now, and I’m not nearly as stressed as I used to be (It’s one of those things where you accept a promotion but secretly are convinced that they made a mistake and will discover it at any time despite the assurances you’re getting from your boss. Yeah, I know: insecurity much?).

But the real reason things are changing has to do with my lovely wife. Typically, she has played the writer’s widow role with particular glee. These past few months where I’ve basically been a couch potato, she’s come to realize that I’m not producing anything, and has finally said something to me about it. Yes, she put this before God in prayer first, so I have that in my favor as well. Basically, she’s told me that she wants me to write every day now, and that she’s expecting me to work at it for about two hours each evening Monday thru Friday, and then “whenever” on Saturday and Sunday, so long as I get about two hours of writing in. After that, my time is hers. And then I can watch TV or whatever after she goes to bed.

We just really started it all this week, and at the moment, I’m good for about 1k to 1.1K words. That’s where my projection is coming from, because I need about 60K more words before I can finish, and that puts me into mid-February for completion.


But I also know that I can write faster than I have been of late, and can easily churn out 1500 words in 90 minutes when I’m at my prime. So 2k words (or so) in 2 hours is not unreasonable. Do some math. I may be done a month sooner.

Still, I don’t want to under-deliver as I’ve said, so for now we’ll keep the expected release date where it is.

I must say, I’m looking forward to wrapping the series up. It’s been a long journey, and I have many other projects awaiting completion, not the least of which is the next Jon Munro Adventure. And there’s another Janelle Becker book in some stage of incomplete. Along with a bunch of other projects picked up and put down again along the way. I’m hoping to get to all of them soon.

The idea I’m really excited about, though? I want to do an epic series on the American Revolution. I want to really dig into the various people and try to put together something that would rival Game of Thrones in its complexity and size. But it’s gonna require a ton of research to pull off, because it’s very important that I get it right. I love history, but I’m not exactly an historian. Might have to become one, I dunno.

All right. Update concluded. I’m getting back to Peter Baird.

So Today This Happened…

I’m not exactly sure why or what it might mean. At the moment, it could just be an odd spike. But it’s startling to say the least. So far, I’ve given away almost 100 books today alone. That’s about five times what I’ve been giving away in a month!

The only thing I can think of that might’ve made a difference is the Amazon Marketing Ads I’ve been running. Perhaps the algorithms have kicked in? I don’t know. What I do know is that currently, The Spirit of Resistance is at #983 of all FREE books on Amazon. This is the highest rank the book has attained in over two years. I’m hopeful this means the book will continue to do well and will draw readers into the rest of the series.

In the meantime, just know that I’ve outlined the last book, and I hope to finish it during NaNoWriMo next month.

It’s Good to Be Back

So it’s not only been awhile since I posted anything, I must also confess it’s been awhile since I’ve really written anything.

Okay, so that’s not exactly true. I have made some progress on book six of Jefferson’s Road, but not like I wanted to. The loss of the flash drive in March put me back on my heels, and it took a bit to recover my mojo.

Along with that, I experienced some major life changes – though the good kind this time. One, my two youngest children graduated high school, so my wife and I are on the cusp of the “empty nest” (although two of them haven’t quite left yet.). On top of that, my youngest child went on the mission field in Guatemala with Potter’s Field Ministries. I’m so proud of her.

Then in June, I was promoted at work with a whole host of new responsibilities. This has taken some getting used to. But the best part is that just a week ago, I was able to go to Guatemala for a week and a half long mission’s trip (and see my daughter near the end. Way cool).

While I was there, I determined that I would get to work on The Music of the Spheres, because it’s been lingering for awhile on my to do list, and I really want to get it done. Knowing I was stuck, I decided to download the book onto my kindle so I could re-read it and see where I left off, and then spend some time outlining where the book needed to go. I was able to knock out the outline in a single night, and the next few nights (with nothing else to do after a hard day’s work building houses or distributing clothes), I wrote (in long hand) two and a half chapters! I’m so happy to be writing again. I spent the last few days since returning transcribing the text into my file, and now I’m ready to crank out the rest so the novel is finished. I’m pretty confident it’ll be done in a few weeks at the most.

This Jon Munro Adventure will be a bit longer than the previous two, but I think you’ll like it. At least one beloved character from the first book is back — though I’ll keep it a secret who.

At any rate, I just wanted to let you know the good news. I’m hoping to get a couple of these books done before the end of the year. Ta for now!

What I have done lately…

Yes, it’s been awhile since I published anything on this site (or on Amazon, actually), so I thought I’d bring you up to speed on what I’ve been up to these past few months.

Firstly, there was the holiday season, including NaNoWriMo, which I participated in again this year (and won! Yay!), and then Christmas of course. Always keeps me on my toes.

Got a new computer. Still learning how to make it work well for writing. It didn’t come with Microsoft Office, and since Microsoft is being stoopid and not letting people buy a package including only the programs they want instead of stuff they don’t while charging an arm and a leg for the privilege of using a software product they don’t actually get to own–or better yet, requiring a monthly subscription (buwahahahaha!)!–I decided to ditch Microsoft and go with a freebie company. Why pay for the cow, right?

Still, it’s a new software package and it’ll take some getting used to.

Nevertheless, I am writing. I’ve produced over 80K words since October. And yes, once more, I have wa-ay too many irons in the fire. It involves the creation of two entirely new series.

But wait! Before you scream AAUUGGHH! at me, lemme ‘splain: For about a year now, I’ve been toying with a new approach to story telling. Rather than writing a full length novel (and of course I’m still doing those!), I want to try writing a set of smaller stories in serial format. I began with a rather dark retelling of Gilligan’s Island (it involves each of the castaways as representative of one of the seven deadly sins with Gilligan as the devil–oh never mind!), and then got inspired by Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and came up with a Christian adventure story set in the Republic of the Pacific States (which I imagined long before they started threatening to break away from the U.S. due to the Trump victory, I promise!), where Christianity is illegal and the government is run according to the rules of political correctness. As I got into the story, however, I quickly realized that I didn’t know how to write a story in serial format. It kept coming out as a rather long-winded novel. Not what I was after.

I shelved it, and for NaNoWriMo this year, began work on a different story called Elementals, dealing with four characters who each possess some ability to control an element or have some kind of superpower (think Heroes or The Flash, but a little less outlandish), and who come together to try to make life work. At any rate, the important thing is that I’m figuring out how to write in serial form, where each episode is self-contained, and yet also advances a major story arc. I plan to take this approach and reapply it to the Christian story, because I think that concept is a little bit better and more in line with my kind of fiction. I’ll still finish Elementals and put it out there, but it’s just written for fun and on my end, to learn. I’ve planned on at least six episodes for this one. The Christian story is far more involved, with at least three seasons of seven episodes each in consideration. I don’t know yet how well I’ll be able to get it done, but I aim to try.

In the meantime, I still have to finish up Jefferson’s Road along with many of my other projects. But I’m writing much more rapidly now than before, and I can often crank out 2K words in about an hour and a half. I hope to keep writing at least this much every day. True, I haven’t exactly done it every day yet this month (wow! Is it really the 9th already?), but its better to set a high goal and miss it than to set a low goal and miss that one too.

I Need Your Help


So I am very excited to announce that Jefferson’s Road – Book Five: A More Perfect Union is now available for review, and if you would like a copy to look over, all you have to do is send me an email and say, “Send Me Book Five!” in the description. Of course, it’d really help if you were on my mailing list, so if you’re not, please consider signing up here.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you do ask for a review copy, it also means saying “Yes!” to some particular responsibilities which are time-sensitive. Because I’m launching this book on October 3rd (Yes, I know. I had to push it back a week), I must have all edits completed by September 23rd – and that means I’ll need your notes and unvarnished thoughts by September 20th.

Yikes! That’s Not Much Time!

True, but I really am looking for some visceral feedback, and a little time pressure kinda ensures that. If interested, I’ll send you details with the book.

The second thing I’ll need is a commitment from you to do two things: to buy the book, and to write the review. Now, why buy the book if I’ve already given it to you free? Good question – I’m glad you asked! Amazon weights reviews from readers more highly than from those who’ve received a free copy. They put a little orange flag at the top that says, “Verified Purchase” which tells future readers they’re getting honest feedback, and not something an author has paid for (yes, some authors are unscrupulous enough to buy reviews!).

To facilitate this, I’m going to set the book’s price artificially low on Saturday, October 1st through Sunday, October 2nd. The lowest price for which I’m allowed to sell the book is $.99. Please pick up a copy during this time, and then leave your review at Amazon here. If you’re up for it, you can also leave reviews on these sites as well (B&N, iTunes, GooglePlay, Goodreads, Kobo, and Smashwords), but Amazon’s the whale. I’ll put in these links as they become available.

Don’t run your review by me first. I want to keep this process honest. On October 3rd, as I’ve said, the book will go live, and I will be raising it to its correct price of $2.99. I’ll also be announcing it via social media and other networks. I’d love to have this book go live with a dozen reviews from paid sales right out of the gate.

Truly, I can’t do this without your help. Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Michael J. Scott


Wrapped up book five of Jefferson’s Road tonight. 87,616 words long. Now comes the long dark path of editing it and getting it ready. I’ll be putting together the pre-order info on this title later this week (not tomorrow, probably, ’cause I’m bushed and booked already), and I’ll be asking those of you on my Advance Reader’s Team to take a look and give me your feed back. I’ll send out an email to that effect soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to relax and watch a show. I’ve earned it. 🙂

Steaming Right Along…

So a quick update: I’ve now added almost 12K words to A More Perfect Union, and I’m on target for a completion date by August 31st, and a release sometime in September. The book is now about 91% done.

I’ll be making this title available for pre-order September 1st. This will also correspond to a promotional push I’ll be doing that month for The Spirit of Resistance. I’ll also be looking for beta-readers/reviewers to help me get this book out before the month’s end.

What can you do?

a) sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t done so already. You get two free books when you do. And there’s more free stuff, insider thingies, and discounts for subscribers.

b) like my page on Facebook. The more “likes” I have on this page, the better able I’ll be to reach a new audience who may never have heard of Jefferson’s Road.

c) offer to be a part of my Advance Reader Team. This group I’ll be managing through my email list (so you do need to be signed up to receive the early draft), and I’ll be looking for edits and feedback on the story before it goes live. This is deep insider stuff, allowing you, as a reader, an opportunity to have some input on how this story develops. I’ve been working on A More Perfect Union for almost two years now, so making certain I maintain consistency is a key. That’s one of the things I’ll be asking the ARTists to look for, along with typos, grammar inconsistencies, plot holes, dangling plot threads, and general “believability.” It’s a lot.

d) be willing to offer a review on the book. I’ll be promoting it shortly after it goes up, but I’m hoping to land some reviews before we “launch.” I’ll fill you in on that as we get closer to the date.

e) tell your friends. 🙂 Word of mouth is the best way any book sells. I’ve received so many glowing reviews already on this series, I’d hate to see anyone miss out.

Thanks so much!