Oh, now this is cool.

I just discovered that I’ve made my first landing on French soil. Yes. Someone in France has downloaded Jefferson’s Road. Now, I’m not one to think more of myself than I ought, but neither do I dismiss small beginnings, so to speak.

Given that France’s new socialist President is threatening to put a confiscatory 75% tax on the wealthy (See The New York Times), I’m wondering just how well my anti-Marxist, Freedom-oriented book will do over there.

Regardless, we’ve broken past 6.1K books and are still climbing.

What a Month August Is!

This has to be one of the craziest months I think I’ve ever experienced, writing-wise, that is. Not only are we in the midst of this major publicity push for The Spirit of Resistance, resulting in a readership that is shooting exponentially through the roof, but my publisher for The Lost Scrolls has been cranking down hard on the publicity there, as well.

I just got off the phone with Irene Watson, doing my first “live” interview for The Lost Scrolls. That was fun – a little nerve-wracking, if I do say so. The whole time I’m talking I’m experiencing this, “Oh Jesus, please keep me from saying something stoopid!” kind of feeling, and just kind of babbling on. Well, there’s a first time for everything. If I do come off as an idiot, it’s probably accurate, but I’ll still blame the overnight shift and four hours sleep I’ve had.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month so far:

Jefferson’s Road: The Spirit of Resistance is FREE to Download!

Jefferson’s Road: The Spirit of Resistance is available as a FREE Kindle download from Monday (August 6) until Wednesday (August 8). Everyone loves a great deal, so grab a copy while it’s free!

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So this is the new website, crafted, strangely enough, to look pretty much like my recent redesign of my blog. Go figure.

At any rate, my publicist tells me that there are certain things I cannot do from the wordpress site that I can do here. I’m reasonably confident that includes such things as developing subscriber lists and setting up newsletters, etc. Doubtless, it also includes the various giveaways and other promotional stuff that I’ll soon be doing.

What’s important to know is that this website is now my new “home” on the internet, and where you’ll likely find me. I’m going to leave the wordpress site up for a while yet, but I won’t be posting anything more there. Some distant day (who knows when), I’ll probably take it down, knowing that it served its purpose well.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll join me here. Please sign up as a subscriber, and feel free to leave comments and such as always.

Talk to you soon!