The Coppersmith – A Janelle Becker Book

The CoppersmithHe calls himself the Coppersmith…

From the first page.. I was hooked. I could not put it down – Amazon customer
Twists and turns abound . . fantastic! – Amazon customer
This is an author I will be watching. Bravo! – Amazon customer
Wow, what a ride! This was a fantastic, intricate look at the mind of a deranged killer. I loved it. – Amazon customer

A religious fanatic bent on murder, he begins systematically eliminating pastors in Upstate New York. From small towns to large cities he selects his victims, seemingly at random, and subjects them to a torturous death.

Janelle Becker is the agent with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit charged with solving the crimes. But even with the Bureau’s resources, she finds herself ill-prepared to unravel the Coppersmith’s message. Why do his methods keep changing? How can they know where he’ll strike next? And can she escape her own dark past before it’s too late?

As she and her fellow agents track down the clues of the Coppersmith, they find themselves following an ancient itinerary that hearkens back to the steps of the apostle Paul. It becomes a race against this faceless killer as they struggle to predict his movements and get ahead of his deadly message of judgment. Can they stop him in time?

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About the Book…

This was actually my first completed novel, and as such will always hold a dear place in my heart. I’d struggled for years to come up with a story concept that would hold my interest long enough to finish it, and despaired for years of ever completing a novel and moving from the ranks of mere “writer” to “author.”

Having spent considerable time in ministry counseling others, and sharing a keen interest in understanding the nature and problem of evil, I began researching both serial killers and how the behavioral science of “profiling” actually works. It was in 2005 that I hit on the idea, and from there it was off to the races.

Well, not quite. First, I did a ton of research both on historical serial killers (and boy did that lead to some weird dreams!) as well as more on how the FBI actually functions. From there, I built the puzzle that became the core of The Coppersmith’s story, and then wrote it in several chunks. Still, it took me two years to finish. But the euphoria I felt when I actually reached the climax and the end of the story was unforgettable.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.