Topheth – A Janelle Becker Book

 TophethA Fire Is Kindled in His Wrath…

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Twists and turns, and interesting story lines along the way. Looking forward to the next book in this series – Amazon customer

Special Agent Janelle Becker teams back up with Detective Curtis Bold to uncover the tracks of a serial arsonist burning churches in Rochester, NY. His targets pass all racial and religious boundaries, and his message of judgment becomes peculiarly focused on Janelle herself even as things heat up between Janelle and Curtis.

Can Janelle and Curtis find this arsonist before he traps them both, or will their new-found passion leave them burned?


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About the Book…

I began writing Topheth about six weeks after having finished The Coppersmith. Janelle’s first story was my first finished novel as well, and although I had numerous other tales to tell, I found it difficult to let go of these characters. As time progressed and the opportunities to publish The Coppersmith via the traditional route diminished, I regretfully laid Topheth to one side and began working on other projects—such as the manuscript that eventually became The Lost Scrolls, my first traditionally published success.

It wasn’t until after I took the plunge and released The Coppersmith as an indie book that I began seriously considering the sequel. I took it out, dusted it off, rewrote the beginning and incorporated some of the changes to Janelle’s personal life that I thought enhanced the first novel, and then began sharing it with my Wednesday Night Writer’s Group at the Webster Public Library.

Even though, by this point, most of the writing was five years old (meaning I had that much more experience since beginning the novel), the group loved it, heaping praise upon the story. It is largely through their encouragement—and the relative success of The Coppersmith itself—that I continued with the tale until you have it now in its present form.

The possibility of a “Religious Crimes Task Force” in the BAU holds particular interest for me – not because such task force exists, but because of the potential it offers. Numerous story lines and crimes for Janelle to investigate have presented themselves to me already, such that I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of Janelle Becker in the years to come.