Jefferson’s Road: The Spirit of Resistance

 Sometimes We Do the Wrong Thing for All the Right Reasons…

Michael Scott had me looking over my shoulder as I read to assure myself that the Secret Service were not taking names and pictures. – Gordan Ryan, Author
Chillingly realistic; frightfully feasible. – Linda Yezak, Author
It’s been a while since I’ve had to stay up all night to finish a book! I’m back this morning to buy the next one. – Amazon customer
Thank you for the adventure. – Amazon customer
I absolutely love this series so far. Can’t wait for the next one!- Amazon customer
The ending will leave you eager for the next book. – Amazon customer

All Peter Baird wants to do is save his brother Martin from himself. All Martin wants to do is spark a second American Revolution. He will provoke the government into declaring war against its own citizens by assassinating the next President on Inauguration Day.

Fearful for his brother’s life, Peter is drawn into the shady world of radicalized militias. He must choose to become part of the plot or risk losing his brother forever. Can he talk his brother down from this insane plan by going along with this scheme, or must he betray Martin to save his country?

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About the Book…

This novel haunted me. Sometimes, when I reread it, it still gives me chills. I seriously tried to put it down and walk away from it–so disturbing was its plot line–but it kept drawing me back in, like I was slowly being dragged into hell. The Spirit of Resistance is easily the scariest book  I’ve ever written. It is the absolute LAST THING I would ever want to see happen to this country.

But I can still see it happening.

I make no apologies for the political slant in the book. Leftists never do, and I don’t know why I should either. Someone called this book “a love letter to the Constitution.” That’s exactly what it is. We’ve allowed Cultural Marxism and downright Satanic ideologies to infect this country like a virus. I’m hopeful we can find a cure before the greatness of this nation is irrecoverable, though I understand why some say it’s already too late.

After finishing this book, I tried in vain to find a traditional agent or publisher willing to take it on. I knew it was good and very compelling, but no one was interested. Given the Leftward slant of so much of the publishing industry, I’m not that surprised, but I’m also grateful. Because no one would take it up, I surrendered and chose to independently publish it, first through Amazon and then elsewhere. Now I’m so glad I did. Going independent gave me control over my writing career. I’d been raised under the old rules involving querying agents and sending out printed copies and waiting in vain for an acceptance letter to arrive months later in the mail, if at all. What a horrible way to run an industry.

Granted, I’ve still had a lot to learn–the things they never taught me in the pages of Writer’s Digest Magazine or in the various classes or conferences I’ve attended through the years. And I’m learning still! But I don’t and won’t regret it. The Spirit of Resistance is my own Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of tradition. It’s great to be free!