Jefferson’s Road: Patriots and Tyrants

 Sometimes We Become What We Despise

Michael Scott writes with the precision of a surgeon with a scalpel. – Paul Bagdon, Author
Horrifying! I couldn’t keep reading, yet I had to know what happened! . – Amazon customer
You won’t be disappointed reading this series! – Amazon customer
I absolutely love this series so far. Can’t wait for the next one!- Amazon customer
This is a book you cannot put down. Scott moves you through the minds of young men destined to change the course of American history with such descriptive prose that you feel as if you’re standing right beside them. – Amazon customer

Peter Baird is running for his life. Skillfully manipulated and played for a patsy, he has become an assassin–public enemy number one: the man who shot the President of the United States. Now abandoned and on his own, he has but one chance to save his brother and rescue his country:

He must join forces with the man he hates the most–Grant Collins, the mysterious commander of the New York militia. The problem is he has no idea where to find the man.

Peter sets himself on a quest: find the militia and convince Grant to mount a rescue and save his brother from certain death. But will the price of liberty come at the cost of his soul?

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About the Book…

I started this book, quite literally, the same hour I finished the previous one. It was that compelling, and I knew the story couldn’t stop there. I found the next part of this saga as compelling as the previous one, especially with reference to guilt Peter experienced after his choices (see how hard I’m trying not to give anything away?)

The story in this one is transitional for Peter, and I deliberately wove specific “transformative” themes within the story to express that. For this reason, the book is highly symbolic, and it was a pleasure to see how the story unfolded naturally in that direction. I truly hope you enjoy reading it.