Jefferson’s Road: The Tree of Liberty

 Sometimes Liberty Is Sacrificed to Justice

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Captured by Federal Authorities, Peter Baird finds himself incarcerated in a FEMA Camp run by the corrupt officials who’ve taken over the government. But even here he is aided by the remnants of the militia, still struggling in a seemingly hopeless battle against those who’ve seized power in the wake of the failed revolution.

Peter joins forces with other victims of the government crack-down and plots to seize control of the camp to free them all. The only question is whether any of them will survive.

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About the Book…

Somewhere in the writing of this book, I realized that it was not, could not, be the conclusion to this saga. Originally planned as a trilogy, Jefferson’s Road has quickly outgrown the limitations three books would place on it.

In this novel, Peter completes the transformation begun in the first book, moving from passive patriot to active leader in the resistance. I won’t say more lest I give it away, but it did surprise me to see the changes wrought in him as he grew.

I hope you enjoy it.