The Elixir of Life – A Jonathan Munro Adventure

What Would You Do To Live Forever?

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It begins with the abduction of a Holocaust survivor from a New York City mission, but soon escalates as Dr. Jonathan Munro’s colleague, Dr. Harry Bryce, an expert in the Middle Ages, is also kidnapped. Jon soon finds himself teamed with his ex-fiancée and artifact-thief, Isabel Kaufman and her new partner: the Irish mercenary Sean MacNeil. Together they work to rescue Harry from an ancient order of alchemists bent on finding The Elixir of Life, a substance thought to cure any disease and prolong life indefinitely.

Are they chasing a myth, or is it based on something far more powerful?

From Medieval cathedrals to ancient Christian burial sites, pursued by ambitious men who will stop at nothing to possess the prize, Jon must weave back together the diverse threads of Middle Age myths and secret clues to discover the startling tapestry of truth behind them all.

Can Jonathan find Harry in time, or will they all be sacrificed to the ambitions of men who would live forever?

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About the Book…

When The Lost Scrolls ended, it left a gaping hole wide enough to drive another story through. This is the tale that emerged. Part of the impetus in writing it came from “leftovers”: bits of research I hadn’t been able to include in the original story. Chief among these leftovers was the Legend of the Seven Sleepers. This is a tale found in both Christian myths from the early Middle Ages as well as in the Qu’ran, suggesting it was a tale widely known by the time of Muhammad.

Of course, in my retasking of this myth, it found quite a different expression, and has resurfaced in the third book in the series, The Music of the Spheres (still in production).

What I particularly enjoyed about crafting this tale was the weaving together of historical facts and creating a puzzle for my characters to solve. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially given the constraints of actual history. In fact, I remember the novel come to a screeching halt right around the time the different teams arrived in Bruges, because I had no idea what the actual puzzle would be, and neither could I continue the story without it, because the rest of the plot depended entirely on what the puzzle itself would reveal. I remained stumped for months, and finally moved on to other works until the solution presented itself. Even then, I still found the story a bit thin, and needed to strengthen a few of the newer characters to compensate.

I’m glad I did. I hope you are, too.